Red Belt Evaluation Questionnaires

Thorough organisational and management Best Practices standards 

Red Belt evaluations are relatively in-depth evaluations: 50 to 100 questions or "good practices" taking 45 to 120 minutes to complete.

They are generally designed for:
  • accurately understand the strengths and weaknesses of the scope using quantified assessment that allow internal or even external comparisons.
  • share observations and desired orientations among members of a management team.
  • define improvement priorities and overall performance objectives.

These evaluations must be carried out by persons with a good knowledge of the scope of the evaluation, or by several persons who each know a part of the scope of the evaluation.
Red belt ?
Plant and workshop management
Are your production data, Kpi, visual boards, management meetings and actions well managed?
Plant and workshop performance management best practices
Scope: Production focused on Plant and workshop performance management

Industries: Discrete product manufacturing or process industries from small scale to mass production
Red belt ?
General management
Governance - KPI - PDCA
Do you have world class governance, performance and PDCA management?
Performance management best practices and style
Scope: General management focused on Governance - PDCA

Industries: Organisations larger than 30 people in all industries

Specific analysis:
  • Governance steering model
  • Organisation management and communication style
Red belt ?
Wealth management
Agency management
Do you have a world class Wealth management agency?
Thorough and comprehensive best practices and evaluation
Scope: Wealth management agency

Industries: Private Wealth management
Red belt ?
Operational Excellence
General management Operational Excellence
What is your level of Operational Excellence
Operational Excellence wide assessment
Scope: General management 

Industries: Organisations larger than 30 people in all industries
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