Green Belt Evaluation Questionnaires

Evaluation of organisational and management practices

Green belt assessments are rapid assessments: less than 20 questions or "good practices" or 15 to 30 minutes to complete.
They are generally designed to have a first idea of the main strengths and weaknesses of the scope in a short period of time.
They can be carried out by a large number of people who do not need to have a good knowledge of the scope being evaluated. They can be used in a company survey.

However, some of them may concern a very limited scope and are therefore of a high level of detail to be carried out by people who are very familiar with this scope.
Green belt ?
Operational Excellence
Easily assess your organization's Operational Excellence maturity
Six Excellence areas in 18 questions
Scope : general organisational and managerial practices
Industries: any type of industry
Blue belt ?
Industrial Maintenance
Daily operations management
Do you apply best practices in daily maintenance management?
Focused evaluation based on best practices
Scope: Industrial Maintenance focused on Maintenance operational management

Industries: Automated or semi-automated production

Specific analysis: Preventive maintenance drivers
Green belt ?
Strategy or Transformation
Strategy or breakthough deployment
Do you deploy your strategy or major business changes according to proven methods such as Hoshin Kanri?
Evaluation of deployment practices within the organisation
Scope: Strategy or breakthough deployment (transformation, acquisition...)

Industries: Organisations with more than 30 people in all sectors of activity

Specific analysis: Deployment levers (Definition, Analysis, Participation, Implementation, PDCA)
Green belt ?
Performance Management
Easily assess the maturity of your organisation performance management
14 questions - results in a maturity matrix
Scope : performance management practices (KPIs, meetings, decisions, actions...)
Industries: any type of industry
Green belt ?
Employee Management
Easily assess the maturity of how people are managed, developed and motivated
19 questions - results in a maturity matrix
Scope : employee management and motivation (Leadership, training, rewards...)
Industries: any type of industry
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