Green Belt Evaluation Questionnaires

Evaluation of organisational and management practices

Green belt assessments are rapid assessments: less than 20 questions or "good practices" or 15 to 30 minutes to complete.
They are generally designed to have a first idea of the main strengths and weaknesses of the scope in a short period of time.
They can be carried out by a large number of people who do not need to have a good knowledge of the scope being evaluated. They can be used in a company survey.

However, some of them may concern a very limited scope and are therefore of a high level of detail to be carried out by people who are very familiar with this scope.
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Industrial Maintenance
Daily operations management
Do you apply best practices in daily maintenance management?
Focused evaluation based on best practices
Scope: Industrial Maintenance focused on Maintenance operational management

Industries: Automated or semi-automated production

Specific analysis: Preventive maintenance drivers
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Operational Excellence
Easily assess your organization's Operational Excellence maturity
Six Excellence areas in 18 questions
Scope : general organisational and managerial practices
Industries: any type of industry
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