Blue Belt Evaluation Questionnaires

Evaluation of organisational and management practices

Blue belt evaluations are relatively fast evaluations: from 20 to 50 questions or "good practices" or from 30 to 60 minutes to carry them out.

They are of two types:
  • focused on a specific area: the detail level is then important and makes it possible to precisely identify the strengths and weaknesses of the scope. They must be carried out by persons with a very good knowledge of the scope or part of the scope
  • concern a rather broad field: this evaluation makes it possible to identify the main strengths and weaknesses of the scope in a short period of time. They can be carried out by people with a minimum knowledge of the scope assessed
Blue belt ?
Industrial Maintenance
Performance management
Are your maintenance objectives, KPI, management meetings well managed?
Focused and in-depth evaluation based on best practices
Scope: Industrial Maintenance focused on Maintenance performance management

Industries: Automated or semi-automated production

Specific analysis: Integrated preventive maturity
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