Best Practices and evaluations

In Focus models

The ‘In focus’ models provide an in-depth and focused diagnostic of a specific scope within an organisation.

They provide a detailed, comparable and meaningful diagnosis, which are designed to:
  • precisely understand strengths and weaknesses through quantified data allowing internal and even external comparisons.
  • define new ways of working, trainings, or other improvement actions.
  • define targeted areas to monitor closely.
  • easily compare improvements and progress at different points in time.

They are made up of precise questions where the answer choices are almost always systematically normed to avoid subjectivity, making the evaluation as relevant as possible..

This knowledge base gives you immediate access to management best practices by industry and function.
They have been observed worldwide in Operational Excellence projects and modelled by expert consultants.

best practices or use them to evaluate an organisation and its management thanks to their format in a practice-based evaluation questionnaire.

The higher the levels are (Green to black) the greater the expertise and the more detailed the practices.

Green belt ?
Strategy or Transformation
Strategy or breakthough deployment
Do you deploy your strategy or major business changes according to proven methods such as Hoshin Kanri?
Evaluation of deployment practices within the organisation
Scope: Strategy or breakthough deployment (transformation, acquisition...)

Industries: Organisations with more than 30 people in all sectors of activity

Specific analysis: Deployment levers (Definition, Analysis, Participation, Implementation, PDCA)
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