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Our history

A large part of our career has been spent diagnosing companies around the world to define and implement their performance improvement plans.

This has allowed us to master many diagnostic techniques, and also to identify a need. A need to make these diagnoses more efficient, and accessible to the greatest number of people. More efficient for the consultants who already perform these analyses. Accessible to managers, and sometimes even to some consultants, who don't have the methods or the time to perform them.

This is what led us to create Wevalgo and to give the best tools to consultants or managers to perform diagnostics of organizational practices in companies.

Our history

Who are we?

Founder and CEO

Richard Fontaine

Prior to creating Wevalgo, he managed hundreds of operational performance projects around the world in over 20 years of consulting experience.

Lead Analyst

Matthieu Wanecq

20 years of experience in leading organizational and operational performance assessments in many industries in Europe. More than 120 sites evaluated.

Lead Analyst

Artyom Kachkovsky

Experienced, tenacious and flexible lead analyst for complex operational strategies and excellence opportunities with 20 years of international experience.

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