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29€ / month
79€ / month
139€ / month
29€ / month
79€ / month
139€ / month
Additional manager user Not applicable79€ / month139€ / month
Wevalgo catalogue questionnaires 10% discount30% discount40% discount
Wevalgo Consultant expertise 5% discount5% discount10% discount
Creation and use of private questionnaires
Creation and use of private questionnaires
Number of questionnaires 510unlimited
Number of questions 20100500
Number of uses 2/month5/monthunlimited
Number of participants 30505 000
Private questionnaire features
Private questionnaire features
Pyramidal consolidation
Wide range of question types
Pre-set best practice answers
Weighted model
'Not applicable' or 'don't know' answer
Conditional questions
Custom levels
Assessment types
Assessment types
Assessment with scores
Open questions and information gathering
Assessment with multidimensional scores
Assessment in a Four Quadrants matrix
Multiple assessment
Participant interaction
Participant interaction
Custom Logo
Open or close invitations
Anonymity management
Participant guidance
Answer in different sessions
Interaction with participant
Expertise mode
Analysis and results
Analysis and results
Real time data
Smart results display
By pyramidal element
Maturity- impact
Results by participant
By Wevalgo model dimension
By organisation dimension
By custom dimension
Results file download
Benchmark and progress
Evaluations management
Evaluations management
Evaluation key parameters
Organisations and projects management
Shared team management
Shared team management
Create a shared team
Viewers Invitations
Manager users
Manage questionnaires
Manage organisations
User access restriction with rights management
SSL Encryption
Participant controlled by login

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