R&D strategy and portfolio management

Are you world class at managing your Research and Development strategy and innovation?


Perform a detailed evaluation of you R&D strategy and portfolio management on the following areas :

  • Strategy and roadmaps, including
    • Innovation Strategy, including Open innovation 
    • Technology and customer roadmaps
    • Standardisation and modularity
    • Methodology and standardisation
  • R&D portfolio, including
    • Idea and project Portfolio
    • Ideation process
    • Intellectual Property
    • Product Portfolio

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Dervice detailed descriptions


Evaluation of 36 practices of Research and Development strategy and portfolio management
Pyramidal structure of 2 areas and 8 sub-areas, giving both a detailed and a consolidated assessment

The evaluation uses the Wevalgo  R&D strategy and portfolio management framework

 R&D strategy and portfolio management assessment

Summary description of the questionnaire

Strategy and roadmaps

  • Innovation strategy: how is the strategy defined and with what level of detail? What are the objectives and plans for implementation?
  • Technology and customer roadmaps: how are customer needs and new technologies anticipated and formalized in roadmaps? Are its roadmaps shared and made consistent?
  • Standardisation and modularity: how are the different systems, components or parts standardised in order to reduce development times and costs (R&D of manufactured products or project engineering)?
  • Standardisation of methods: how scientific methods (characterisation, formulation...) are standardised (scientific R&D; biology, chemistry...)?

Innovation portfolio

  • Portfolio of ideas and projects: how are the different projects prioritized at each stage (idea, feasibility, project...)
  • Ideation process: how are new ideas stimulated and managed?
  • Intellectual property: how does R&D protect its inventions and monitor the patent market?
  • Product portfolio: how the life cycle of products already on the market is analysed and used as an input for R&D?

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Wevalgo excellence model Results
Get valuable insight into areas and axes of progress thanks to our embedded Wevalgo model. Other analytical models may be incorporated, see key concepts for more information)

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