R&D focused on Operations & Client Management

Do your customer management and core processes use best Research and Development practices ?


Evaluate in detail the Core processes and Customer management of your  Research, Development or Engineering functions:

Customer management:

  • Customer needs 
  • Tender management (for project engineering industries)
  • Requirements management
  • Change management
  • Contract & warranty (for project engineering industries)

Core processes:

  • Technical process
  • Development process
  • Resource staffing
  • IT Systems and tools

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Dervice detailed descriptions


42 questions structured in 2 categories and 9 areas, enabling to get a detailed and a consolidated analysis.
Based on and comparable to world best practices.
Lean develoment / engineering practices evaluation.

Wevalgo Core processes and Client management evaluation framework for Research, Development or Engineering

Technical processes and Client management evaluation framework for Research, Development or Engineering

Summary description of the questionnaire

Customer needs
  • Customer needs: methods for identifying and prioritizing needs
  • Tender management: tender response process, allocated resources (for project engineering industries)
  • Requirements management: requirements inventory, performance and non-functional requirements, compliance control,
  • Change management: end-to-end process (formalization, analysis, decision, communication...)
  • Contract and guarantee: process of contractualization and monitoring of the contract and guarantees (for project engineering industries)

Core processes :
  • Technical process: technical methods (design, implementation...) for each technical field
  • Development process: key steps and controls in the research and development cycle
  • Resource staffing : system for monitoring resource use, anticipating needs and allocating resources to projects
  • IT systems and tools: technical, management or communication tools supporting research and development

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Gain multi-level analysis on several axis that can be explored in varied depths and dimensions through a user friendly results menu. A few samples of the results report are shown below

Heat map
Visualise the performance and their drivers at a glance across all categories and sub-categories
Results by organisational dimension
Compare performance across your own, relevant and entirely customisable organisational dimensions. For example by geographical locations, departments, hierarchical levels or any other you see fit. Zoom in to breakdowns by category, subcategory and/or question
Results by evaluator and category
You can see detailed results to better understand the causes of your organisation performance
Wevalgo excellence model Results
Get valuable insight into areas and axes of progress thanks to our embedded Wevalgo model. Other analytical models may be incorporated, see key concepts for more information)

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