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Best Practices and evaluations

Assessment of organisations practices

All questionnaires in this section aim to evaluate or collect information about an organisational scope or feature : organisational structure, processes and rules, systems....

They are not designed to assess the performance of specific managers or individuals.

This knowledge base gives you immediate access to management best practices by industry and function.
They have been observed worldwide in Operational Excellence projects and modelled by expert consultants.

best practices or use them to evaluate an organisation and its management thanks to their format in a practice-based evaluation questionnaire.

The higher the levels are (Green to black) the greater the expertise and the more detailed the practices.

Wealth management
1 questionnaire
Project Management
1 questionnaire
Leadership and management
1 questionnaire
8 questionnaires
5 questionnaires
Research, development & Engineering
9 questionnaires
Strategy, mergers and acquisitions
1 questionnaire
General management
7 questionnaires
Field Services
1 questionnaire
Manager capability
1 questionnaire
Lean management
3 questionnaires