Best Practice Models and packaged services

Assessment of managers competency and skills

All questionnaires in this section aim to evaluate or collect information about a specific individual : competences, individual information....

They are not designed to assess the performance of the organisation the individual belongs to.

Each of the model below is designed to be applicable to specific situations, depending on criteria such as: type of company, industry it belongs to, specific area of focus. These key criteria are detailed for each of the model below; you may mouse hover them to see a more detailed description of the criteria.

Click on the model of your choice to see its detailed description, key concepts, evaluation results, and how to use it.

Leadership style and quality
Understand if you are or how to become a Transformational Leader!
Focused and in-depth evaluation based on best practices
Scope: Managers focused on Leadership style and quality
Specific analysis: Manage your superiors, peers and subordinates
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