Best Practices and evaluations

Insight evaluation models

The Insight questionnaires provide a well-balanced snapshot of perceptions with quantified assessments of practices of a defined yet sufficiently wide scope.

They are designed to:
  • identify key areas of strengths and improvements.
  • sense check on how closely the organisation is faring against world’s best practices.
  • evaluate management level of alignment about the current situation and actions to be implemented.

They are an affordable and effective platform for:
  • launching quick-win actions.
  • identifying specific areas to analyse further in depths.
  • bring management together on understanding the status and roadmap.

This knowledge base gives you immediate access to management best practices by industry and function.
They have been observed worldwide in Operational Excellence projects and modelled by expert consultants.

best practices or use them to evaluate an organisation and its management thanks to their format in a practice-based evaluation questionnaire.

The higher the levels are (Green to black) the greater the expertise and the more detailed the practices.

Blue belt ?
Assess the priorities and team alignment on production strengths and weaknesses
Quick scoping assessment of the overall production management
Scope : General management of a production / manufacturing site
Industries: Discrete product manufacturing or process industries (chemical, life-science...)
Blue belt ?
Product Research & Development
Assess R&D key improvement drivers and team perception on them
Quick scoping assessment of the overall R&D management
Scope: All Research and Development management and practices

Industries: 'discrete' and 'process' product manufacturing (mechanicals, high-tech, electronics, life-science, chemicals, material transformation...)
Blue belt ?
Project Engineering
Identify key project engineering improvement opportunities and align your team
Quick scoping assessment of the overall Project Engineering management
Scope: All Project Engineering management and practices

Industries: Tailored product development, project engineering and turnkey solution industries
Blue belt ?
Project mapping and evaluation
Mapping, data collection and management assessment of all projects within your organisation
Collect your company projects key information with project management practice assessment
Compare all your projects (custom definition) in your organisation based on quantitative assessment and open questions
Scope: Mapping, data collection and management assessment of all projects within your organisation
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