Lean manufacturing maturity

Easily assess your Lean manufacturing maturity


Quickly assess the Lean manufacturing maturity of your production site

Assess it with a unified Lean manufacturing model blending the "Toyota Production System" with the "Lean thinking" models on 6 key principles
  • Respect for People
  • Continuous improvement
  • Value
  • Value stream
  • Continuous flow
  • Pull flow

Instantly see your maturity among the five levels

  • Starting
  • Developing
  • Maturing
  • Performance
  • Excellence

Quick evaluation in 21 questions.

Evaluation applicable to any company with manufacturing site(s)

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Quick 21-question questionnaire to assess the Lean manufacturing maturity of your production site(s)
Visual maturity matrix result
Can be answered by a single person or used to make an internal comparison with several participants.

Illustration of the "Lean manufacturing Maturity Matrix" result

Lean manufacturing maturity matrix

Questionnaire overview

The maturity questionnaire is based on Wevalgo's Lean manufacturing unified model as illustrated below.
Lean manufacturing unified model
This model summarizes the principles and practices of the three main Lean models: "House of the Toyota Production System", "Toyota Way 2001" and "Lean Thinking".
The questionnaire includes 21 questions with 5 different answer choices, for each maturity level. The answer choices are very descriptive to enable the participant to answer quickly and with accuracy.
There are detailed explanations about each principle and each "Lean" terminology so that even a non Lean expert can answer.

Get instant and full access to reports as soon as evaluations are completed.

Gain multi-level analysis on several axis that can be explored in varied depths and dimensions through a user friendly results menu. A few samples of the results report are shown below

Maturity matrix
Instantly understand the level of maturity of the practices and its meaning
Results by organisational dimension
Compare performance across your own, relevant and entirely customisable organisational dimensions. For example by geographical locations, departments, hierarchical levels or any other you see fit. Zoom in to breakdowns by category, subcategory and/or question
Results by evaluator and category
You can see detailed results to better understand the causes of your organisation performance
Heat map
Visualise the performance and their drivers at a glance across all categories and sub-categories

To see a full example of report result,

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