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Do you think something is wrong? But what and why?

  • Do we have the right number of objectives and performance indicators? Are they the right ones?
  • Our meetings seem well organized, but then why isn't progress faster?
  • Do we know how to identify the root causes of our problems?
  • Why so many actions? Why so many delays?
  • Is everyone ultimately working on the right topics?

Evaluate the performance management practices of your customers with a ready-to-use model

You access an evaluation questionnaire designed, tested, and used by Operational Excellence experts with hundreds of companies

The results are consolidated at each level of a pyramidal structure: 65 Questions > 21 Sub-categories > 8 Categories > Total. This gives you macro and detailed views

Increase your value within your organization

Impress your superiors or your teams with your relevant opinions on your performance management

Identify issues at the detailed practice level to implement concrete actions

Assist management by indicating priorities, and making the connection between the details and the pillars of performance management

Increase your value-added time for and with your clients by +90%

You will be able to spend more value-added time with your client because the Wevalgo platform saves you time on all low-value tasks.

You are equipped to be even more relevant from your first meetings because you have consolidated data beforehand: Wevalgo consolidates all the results of previously completed questionnaires for you.

Be a driver of change for your team by accelerating progress

Involve other colleagues by also inviting them to respond to the questionnaire: your team or other teams (other functions, sites...)

This way, you can discuss performance differences between functions, sites... or viewpoints between people

You can then identify good practices to share and collectively define action plans and priorities

Later, you can measure the impact of your action and the progress made by repeating the evaluation

Give more to your client, with benchmarks, and for longer

More: you will provide richer client reports or deliverables with more detailed, quantitative, and qualitative results

Internal benchmarks: Wevalgo allows consolidating and comparing results between different fully customizable 'client dimensions': site, function...

External benchmarks: You can compare evaluations conducted with each of your clients, regardless of when they were done. This is your private benchmark base

For longer: You can repeat evaluations over time and help your client measure progress

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Why is a questionnaire the best way to learn about good practice?

This questionnaire allows for an assessment against actual practices observed in hundreds of companies. Each question represents a good practice

Why are best practices best learned from this questionnaire than from any book or training?

Because the reader (the participant) is ACTIVE. He/She evaluates the practices of his/her organisation and compares them to this reference, and so he/she actively thinks about them
Then he/she reviews this assessment, discusses it with the other participants, or even redoes it later. There is repetition
Active thinking and repetition are the secrets of successful learning

By purchasing this Wevalgo assessment you kill two birds with one stone: real assessment and deep learning

Why Wevalgo? Unique access to management consulting expertise

Wevalgo's questionnaires were designed by and for management consultants who have evaluated and improved the practices of thousands of managers and companies around the world.

Wevalgo puts the know-how that traditional consultancies keep secretly at your disposal.

The functionalities of our online questionnaires are also unique and designed to meet the need to measure good practice: hierarchical score, post-modification of participants' answers (e.g. following a real interview), private benchmarks, expert vs. participant comparison, progress measurement, etc..

Wevalgo puts the know-how that traditional consultancies keep secretly at your disposal

More details

Key features
Detailed description
How to use
 Get a detailed knowledge of performance management best practices and styles
 Get a detailed quantitative and qualitative assessment of your performance management compared to world Best Practices
Compare your results with best practices
Do yourself the evaluation and / or invite participants to do it
Perform the assessment in 45 to 90 minutes through 65 specific questions
Get an overview and a detailed analysis with a pyramid consolidation (question, subcategory, category, total)
Compare the results of each participant
Compare the performance by zone or level of your organization (country, site, function, hierarchical level)
Choose if participants are anonymous
Languages available to each participant: English, french 


Two uses are possible:

  • learn performance management best practices
  • assess performance management practices and style against world performers thanks to the online questionnaire functionality
The best practices or evaluation consist of two parts 
  • Organisation Governance drivers: 58 practices structured in 5 categories and 15 areas, enabling to identify strengths and improvement opportunities in a detailed and a consolidated view
  • Organisation Governance style: 7 questions to evaluate the style of your Governance in 3 categories and 6 areas


The Organisation Governance drivers model

Governance drivers

The model includes best practices on the following elements:

  • Steering – including Vision, objective setting, KPI’s and general performance management; mainly the PDCA 'Plan'
  • Driving – including action taking, decision making and priorities setting; mainly the PDCA 'Do'
  • Analysing – including Data reporting and Root cause analysis; mainly the PDCA 'Check'
  • Improving - including improvement and continuous development; mainly the PDCA 'Act'
  • Meeting – including management meeting structure, focus and context

The Organisation Governance style model

Governance  styles

The Governance style looks at what is the governance main style among four dimensions:

  • Engagement: a balanced style, top-down, bottom-up and horizontal
  • Discussion: mainly bottom up and horizontal style
  • Autonomy: scarce communication and engagement between the top management and the operational teams
  • Directive: mainly top-down style

Our model assesses the governance style in four main areas related to Governance and performance management:

  • Communication: how are the general communication and the interaction between the management and operational teams performed?
  • Performance and improvement: how are the improvement initiatives or projects driven? How are the KPIs and the management reports managed? 
  • Management meetings: how are they managed and coordinated?

Key steps

The best practices are accessible directly after purchase. In case of usage to evaluate the practices the following steps apply

  1. The service manager* can directly carry out an evaluation by answering the questionnaire (optional); steps 2 to 4 are optional depending on whether he/she wishes to invite other participants to carry out the evaluation
    • If he/she wishes to invite other participants to conduct the evaluation, he/she proceeds to steps 2 to 5
    • Otherwise he/she goes directly to step 5 of viewing the results
    • He/she can still do his evaluation after the participants if he did not do it at the beginning
  2. Customisation of the service to the organisation by the service manager*
    • Service name, title and introduction for the participants invited
    • Selection of participants to the service
    • Definition of dimension to enable analysis by organisation dimension (optional)
    • Selection of anonymity option
  3. Sending of an invitation link to the selected participants
  4. Evaluations performed by selected participants, on the Wevalgo web platform
    • Participants connect to Wevalgo web site thanks to the link sent by the service manager
    • Participants answer on-line
    • The service manager can follow up the answers progress status
  5. Results available at the end of evaluations on the Wevalgo website

* The service manager is the person who purchased the service. 

Recommended participants for an evaluation

For the evaluation we recommend the following participants: 

  • Top management team of the scope evaluated
  • Manager above the scope evaluated
  • A selection of a few managers below the top management team
  • A few people involved in the building of management reports and KPI

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