R&D performance improvement guide

If there is one function whose performance is difficult to measure, it is Research and Development. Similarly, to set up processes, standards and rules to improve this performance.

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Lean engineering : principles, limits and benefits

Lean Engineering, is an approach based on the concept of Lean management, which aims to minimize waste and maximize productivity in operations management. In the context of engineering or R&D, this means optimizing design and project delivery processes to be more efficient, while ensuring quality and meeting deadlines and budgets.

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Is Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) better than DFM and DFA?

What is DFM?  DFM meaning is Design for Manufacturing. It is an engineering design methodology to reduce the complexity of manufacturing operations and the overall cost of production including the cost of raw materials.

What is DFA?  DFA meaning is Design for Assembly. It is a engineering design methodology  to facilitate or reduce the assembly operations of parts or components of a product.

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