What is an organisational performance evaluation?

What is an organisation diagnostic?


At first glance, the answer to this question is extremely simple: an organisational performance evaluation consists of evaluating an organisation.

But the scope of the organisation is so vast (strategy, governance, functions, leadership, business processes, tools and information systems...), and the objective of the evaluation is so varied that no two diagnoses are the same.

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DILO (Day In the Life Of) templates

DILO templates

This page gives a few DILO Excel templates and PowerPoint templates. Each template is made to be used according to the DILO methodology and tools page and the DILO How -To practical guide page.

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DILO (Day In the Life Of) How-To practical guide

Dilo How-To practical guide

This page is a practical guide to perform a DILO. It is a follow up of the DILO methodology and tools page describing what is a DILO, its objectives and the general methodology. The templates are in the DILO templates page.

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Observation “Day in the Life Of” (DILO) - Analysis method

Observation of a worker operational environment

What is a DILO?

A DILO is the observation of an individual as he performs his normal, everyday job, while the observer makes a written record of each and every activity the worker does. Additionally, the observer records the individual’s quotes, comments and any other data.
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