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Job observation (DILO) How-To practical guide

This page is a practical guide to perform a job or activity observation (also called DILO as "Day In the Life Of). It is a follow up of the Job Observation methodology and tools page describing what is a job observation, its objectives and the general methodology. The templates are in the Job Observation templates page.

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What is an operational audit of the organisation?

An operational audit of an organisation consists in evaluating the organization of a company. But the scope of the organisation is so vast (strategy, governance, functions, leadership, business processes, tools and information systems...), and the objective of the audit so varied, that no two audits are the same.

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How to assess the digital maturity of your company

Why do a digital maturity diagnosis?  

A study conducted by MIT and Capgemini found that companies with the highest level of maturity are 26% more successful than the average company in their industry. They have a 9% higher revenue per employee and a 12% higher valuation than the average.

Digital is a strong lever for competitiveness and performance.

It is therefore important for you to know if your digital maturity is sufficient to give you another competitive advantage and in which areas it needs to be improved.

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Comparison of problem-solving methods and techniques

Problem-solving is an essential skill in everyday life, in the professional world, and even in scientific research. However, with the multitude of approaches, methods, and techniques available, it can be challenging to navigate. Each problem is unique and may require a different approach. We will attempt to clarify the landscape of these approaches and methods by explaining their primary differences and when to use them, all summarized in the image above.

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