Description of the 20 main Lean tools and methodologies

There are many tools for improving the performance of organizations and a significant part of them are "Lean tools" or "Lean methodologies", derived from the "Toyota Production System" or theorised in the books by J. Womack, T. Jones and D. Roos ("The machine that changed the world" and "Lean Thinking").
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5 types of organisation structure with their benefits and disadvantages

A company's organisation is a key element in its structure and operation. There are several types of organisation, each with its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. What are their specific features, advantages and disadvantages? Which types of organisation are best suited to different market situations?
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How to assess the digital maturity of your company

Why do a digital maturity diagnosis?  

A study conducted by MIT and Capgemini found that companies with the highest level of maturity are 26% more successful than the average company in their industry. They have a 9% higher revenue per employee and a 12% higher valuation than the average.

Digital is a strong lever for competitiveness and performance.

It is therefore important for you to know if your digital maturity is sufficient to give you another competitive advantage and in which areas it needs to be improved.

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