Employee Engagement Excellence

People Excellence model
This page provides more information about the final pillar of our 100-criteria Operational Excellence model: Employee Engagement; with 17 criteria. Each item on this list is covered in more detail, but the goal of this document was never to provide you with a 100% overview of each one. Instead, we hope to provide a much-needed context - giving you enough details so that you can then use those criteria to evaluate your own organisation's Operational Excellence level in the future.

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Conflicts at work are costly, so let's deal with the causes, which aren't as personal as we think

Workplace conflicts lead to very high losses, not only financially but also in terms of employee well-being and effectiveness. However, very few managers are trained to prevent and manage conflicts in their teams. And most importantly, it is crucial to identify the real causes of conflicts because they are not as personal as one might think.

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Why investing in People ? See why they are better assets.

Financiers consider employees as expenses and not investments. Many managers prefer to invest in machines or IT systems rather than people.

But it's a mistake. A financial mistake. A managerial mistake.

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