The excellence of your company

of well-formulated strategies
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Source: Harvard Business Review

How does operational excellence translate into business?

Operational excellence is translated in a concrete and relative way.

Concrete. For each company practice (activity, process...), a standard can be defined describing the way of doing things. The realisation of the practice can be observed, controlled and even measured against the standard. Excellence can then be translated into the realisation of each practice in a way that is 100% compliant with the standard.

Relative. Is this standard really "Excellence", the best way to do it? Should every practice, in every function of the company, be permanently carried out in the best way? And how can we manage the evolution of the "best way" according to innovations or technological progress? In reality, it is up to management to prioritise the importance of its practices, to define their levels of ambition and how to continually progress.

Finally, Excellence translates into the existence of concrete standards of practices and an "Excellence strategy" that allows to (re)define their levels of ambition, measure the achievement of these levels to perfectly realise the company's strategy and be constantly better than its competitors.


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