For external consultants or internal to organisations

More time and better quality with your customers

Shared Projects and Knowledge Base, up-to-date, accessible everywhere

Your private questionnaires or our ready-to-use models

Measuring your clients operational Excellence in video

More time and better quality with your customers

Without Wevalgo - typical case With Wevalgo

Replace interview & data collection administration with your added value

Timings when interviewing client/collecting data with questionnaires - With Wevalgo

  • Preparation: centralised version of the questionnaire, choice of questions and simplified analysis dimensions
  • Relaunch: Simplified reminders thanks to the status of progress visible in a centralised dashboard
  • Customer support: no need to explain the questions; the interface is intuitive and has many hints
  • Results: automatic consolidation, graphs and tables available immediately; before the client meeting
  • Added value: replace the 'customer support' time with 'customer value added' time with showcasing of your expertise; or save that time, depending on your choice

Ineffective questionnaire administration

Timings when interviewing client/collecting data with questionnaires - Without Wevalgo

  • Preparation: search for the correct and latest version of the questionnaire, manual adaptation of the choice of questions and analysis dimensions according to client case
  • Reminders: remind clients without knowing their advancement status by consulting your emails
  • Customer Support: (move to and) spend time with the customer to help him to answer and explain the questions (sometimes by a junior who does not know the questions)
  • Results: consolidate multiple response files, build graphs and tables according to analysis dimensions and selected options
  • Value added: analysis and debrief with the customer ... with the time remaining

An improved customer perception to your credit

    For questionnaire participants
  • Questionnaires with an intuitive and modern interface with contextual aids to fully understand the issues
  • Flexible management of their time to answer or search for the necessary information

    For the client project manager; according to your choice
  • Visibility on the progress with a dashboard
  • Visualisation of participants' responses and consolidated results according to anonymity choices

    For the consultant
  • Professional graphics and predefined analysis
  • Downloading of the answer file for further analysis
  • More time for his client

Customer perception often perfectible

    For questionnaire participants
  • Word or Excel questionnaires whose questions have few contextual explanations
  • No time to think alone or search for information when the consultant is present to help complete the questionnaire
  • Answers not always clear from the consultant in case of question

    For the client project manager
  • No real-time visibility on the progress
  • No possibility to see participants' answers or results

    For the consultant
  • Quality of graphics and multi-dimensional analysis very dependent on his skills (Excel, analytical mind ...)
  • Lack of time

Shared Diagnostics and Knowledge Base, up-to-date, accessible everywhere

    Share your questionnaire models knowledge base

  • You choose who can see, create and modify your questionnaire models
  • They are accessible everywhere thanks to our centralised base

    Manage your analysis * as a team

  • Each analysis is associated with a project, itself associated with an organization that you create
  • You choose the consultants or clients who can see or manage your analyses and their results
  • Rights are managed independently at your account, organization, or project level and securely
*Analysis done with your 'private' questionnaires or our ready-to-use models
Customised diagnostics and best practice models

Our expertise in Operational Excellence Diagnostics for Consultants

Use our questionnaire models

  • If you do not have the equivalent, use ours!
  • If you join in 'Expert' mode they become free
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Use your own questionnaires

  • Load your questionnaires on our site and replace the administration of the questionnaire with your added value
  • Your questionnaires remain 'private' in a secure way
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Use our diagnostic expertise

  • We can perform specific diagnostic services; we have 20 years of experience
  • You keep the customer contact, we work for you
  • We only do Diagnosis; never project implementation
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