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Pourquoi investir dans les employés? Ils sont les meilleurs actifs

Les financiers considèrent les employés comme des dépenses et pas des investissements. Beaucoup de managers préfèrent investir dans des machines ou des systèmes informatiques plutôt que les humains.

Mais c’est une erreur. Une erreur financière. Une erreur managériale.

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The 6 Steps a consultant MUST DO to propose the Right Operational Excellence assessment

In the modern business world, the importance of performing the right operational excellence assessment at exactly the right time in an organisation's life cannot be overstated enough. Oftentimes, these assessments come out of a need to obtain an in-depth, unbiased overview of a business' current capabilities. This usually comes about after managers identify certain operational issues that need to be addressed. Only by gaining the clearest possible picture of where you stand will you have a chance to identify what isn't working and, hopefully, what steps need to be taken to adequately correct those issues.

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5 must DO to decide and prepare for an Operational Excellence assessment - Manager's perspective

Context: as a manager, you want to improve your organisation and you wonder whether you should start by an assessment of the current state

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