We are experts in Assessment, measurement and modelling of operational performance

Simple or very complex diagnosis, single-site or multi-site

Functional or transversal scope, general management or operational level

Diagnosis and modelling Services

Custom Diagnostics
Custom Assessments
We perform diagnostics of the organisations operational performance, on one or more sites, around the world, on simple as well as very complex issues, from a few days to several weeks.
We work with bottom-up and / or top-down approaches, at the general management level and close to the field, with the ability to mobilise organisations on high-stakes change projects.
Our deliverables are of four types
  • identification of improvement opportunities with a factual and detailed diagnosis
  • definition of a business case and improvement objectives
  • definition of a improvement plan
  • Stakeholder buy-in of the improvement plan
Building your own Best practice models
Building your own Best Practice Models
We build with your teams your organisation Best Practice Models (eg. your World Class Operating model) to enable their deployment and measure progress.
These models can be defined in several ways
  • based on your existing practices,
  • conducting a diagnosis of practices and operational performance,
  • by adding a modeling of your costs, capacities, constraints ...
  • single-site or multi-site, or even globally

Our online Best Practice Model tools enable to regularly and easily measure the level of implementation across all your organisation and sites.
Data analysis
WeData® data analysis
Our data analysis are carried out according to our WeData® collaborative model, managed by expert business consultants associated with analysts, in collaboration with your teams to ensure the relevance of the data analysis.
"Do the right analysis before doing the analysis right, know what you're looking for before you search".
  • analysis or modeling of your operational data (sales, margins, prices, productivity ...) to define the levers of performance
  • six-sigma analysis to identify and reduce the causes of variation in your processes
  • data analysis and financial modeling
  • Supply Chain data analysis to define operational parameters (serial size / frequency, supply chain optimization stock levels...)
Best Practice Model audit
Best Practice Model audit
We audit organisations against predefined models of good practice in order to give our expert opinion and compare it with the self-assessments (if done) of your operational staff:
  • interviews with the main operational staff concerned by the practices
  • reviews of their self-assessments (if done)
  • analysis of 'living' documents of the organisation (dashboards, action plans, procedures, visual management ...)
  • filling up of the good practices model with our recommendations

These audits are carried out on our Wevalgo Best Practice models, or on the specific models that we have defined for our customers.
They can be enriched by additional analyzes on site.

We can ensure the improvement plan implementation with our partners. We can associate them from the diagnostic phase to ensure a perfect transition.


Our sectorial expertises

Manufactured products
Manufactured products
Industries de process
Process industries
Services terrain
Field Services

Our functional expertises

Production maintenance
Production - Maintenance
Analysis of production site(s) performance on the whole scope
  • Industrial Strategy, Organisation structure, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Governance, indicators and dashboards, management meetings
  • Production process, maintenance, quality, security, planning
  • Equipment productivity (OEE) and operations, manufacturing lead time
  • Optimization of flows, change overs and inventories
  • Lean manufacturing et Six-sigma
Research & Development - Engineering
Research & Development - Engineering
Analysis of Reserch & Development or Enginering center performance on the whole scope
  • Industrial Strategy, Organisation structure, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Governance, indicators and dashboards, management meetings
  • Innovation process, identification of customer needs, calls for tenders
  • Development methodologies (waterfall, agile, ...), change management, project management
  • Resource allocation, subcontractor management
  • Test management, commissioning and introduction to production
  • Design to cost, Design for manufacture or maintainability
Supply Chain - Purchasing
Supply Chain - Purchasing
Analysis of Supply Chain performance and purchases, in mono or multi-sites
  • Supply Chain Strategy, Organisation, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Governance, indicators and dashboards, management meetings
  • Forecasts, Production Master Plan, Sales and Operation planning, Workshop Planning
  • Definition of manufacturing methods, optimisation of batch size and frequency, management parameters
  • Inventory coverage, stock-out rate, on time delivery rate, inventory levels and locations
  • Procurement strategy and process, supplier and subcontractor management, product and supplier rationalisation
Organisation Effectiveness and performance management
Organisation Effectiveness and performance management
Analysis of the organisation structure, relevancy and its operational management
  • Alignment between the strategic objectives and the existing organisational model
  • Interfaces effectiveness and clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Management span of control versus complexity level 
  • Functional analysis or observation of key positions (DILO), distribution of activities, activity drivers 
  • Observation of meetings, analysis of dashboards, indicators, reporting and action plans
  • Proposals, evaluations and choice of target organisational scenarios and performance indicators