Ready-to-use diagnostics

Diagnostics to achieve business excellence have

unique functions


Unique features for a real assessment of practices that conventional online questionnaires do not offer

Pyramid structure

Pyramid structure and consolidated scores

Quantified consolidated results according to a pyramid structure: Questions > Subcategories > Categories > Total.

Each score can be weighted by question, subcategory or category.


Total interactivity with the participant

TThe participant can respond in several rounds at different times.

You can 'invalidate' a participant's questionnaire so that they can modify their answers.

You can modify a participant's answers or leave comments in their questionnaire.


Expert comparison

An expert consultant makes the diagnosis of your organization and informs the same questionnaire (option).

You can compare all your results to his own and identify the gaps.

The expert can interact with the participants, put comments and allow the modification of their answers.


Progress monitoring

Comparative visualisation of evaluations carried out at several points in time.

Enables you to see the progress made in the implementation of good practices.


Private benchmark

You can compare the assessments you have conducted with each organisation (or sub-party), regardless of when they were conducted. This is your private benchmark.

With a questionnaire from the Wevalgo ready-to-use catalog, you also have a 'public' benchmark with all the organisations that have used this questionnaire.

Access control

Strict control of participants

In contrast to the survey, it can be imposed that only those invited respond.

Control of participants by their email in closed invitation.

It is also possible to authorise anyone who receives the login link (open invitation)

Action progress

Action progress drivers

Each issue can be associated with an "Actionable Progress Lever".

It makes it possible to classify the identified areas of progress by actionable driver and simplify the definition of the improvement plan.

Specific drivers

Specific drivers

Some models integrate specific analysis axes allowing to classify the identified areas of progress by relevant driver in the context of the diagnosis.

Lean manufacturing, Six sigma, Preventive maintenance / repair...

Level scale

Customizable level scale

A colour code allows to visually identify the level of excellence/maturity of practices.

These levels are configurable to adapt to the questionnaire and the context of the organisation.

Questionnaire formats tailored to specific evaluations

Multiple evaluations

Maturity Matrix

360° Questionnaires

Multidimensional or distribution assessments

Modular questionnaires

And other more common functions

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