How an online diagnosis is carried out

A process adapted to

the evaluation of the company's practices

The key steps of an online diagnosis



Choose and customise the questionnaire



The participants you invite answer the questions



See the progress and results on your dashboard



The evaluations are interactive and reproducible

Focus on the key steps

1. Customisation

You can either choose a predefined evaluation questionnaire from the Solutions on the Wevalgo website, or you can create it yourself in My workspace / My questionnaires .
In both cases, you fill in your logo, the title and the introduction that the participants will see when they access the questionnaire.

You choose the level of anonymity of the participants and the axes of analysis of the results (they are organisational characteristics associated with each participant: function, role, geography...).
You define and invite participants who will carry out the evaluation; a web link will allow them to access the questionnaire.

2. Evaluation

Participants log in to the Wevalgo website with the web link and answer the questions. Depending on the invitation option you have chosen, they can keep their results and answer in several rounds.
You can also do the evaluation yourself, with or without inviting other participants.
Participants can be invited with an expert role; their evaluation results will be separated so that they can be compared to others.

3. Results

You see the results in real time with numerous analyses (by question or group of questions, by participant, by organisational characteristic, etc.).

You can see in real time the state of progress of the responses to easily follow-up with participants who have not yet responded.

4. Monitoring

You can make participant evaluations interactive. You can make them with the participants (for example during an interview), modify them (with or without them), add comments. You can allow participants to edit their assessment. The evaluations can be reproduced later and compared with each other in order to observe changes over time.

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