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To assess operational practices

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What are the different types of diagnosis?

The scoping

Definition of the area to be improved

Level of alignment of managers

Identification of strengths and weaknesses

The analysis

Detailed analysis of an area

Quantitative and qualitative evaluation

Result comparisons - Internal or Benchmarks

The excellence benchmark

Internal repository of good practices

External benchmark / Wevalgo benchmark

Measurement of deviations from the benchmark

Maturity levels

Quick and easy assessment of practices

Prescriptive description of each level by domain

Visualization on a maturity matrix

Progress monitoring

Measurements of the application of good practices

Successive and comparable measurements over time

Comparison of progress by area or team

The 360° evaluation

Individual assessment of selected employees

Evaluation by managers, colleagues and collaborators

Results per person and consolidated

Multiple evaluations

Each participant can make several evaluations

Allows to evaluate a priori non predefined 'subjects'

For example, evaluation of all projects in the organization

The internal survey

Employee survey

Control of participants while maintaining anonymity

Access to history and comparison of responses

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