For executives and managers

Assess your level of Operational Excellence in autonomy, easily, and for 90% cheaper

Use transparent complementary consulting services

Learn and share best practicess

Assess your level of Operational Excellence in autonomy, easily, and for 90% cheaper

Usually, evaluating his organisation operational performance can't be done without a consultant, internally or in performance

  • Professional evaluation methods are not accessible to organisations, including the simplest
  • They are not packaged for use by non-specialists

Wevalgo provides packaged evaluation methods * to be used in full autonomy

  • Our business model is to provide the best evaluation methods possible and not to keep them for 'selling' days of consultants
  • We have 'rebuilt' our good practice models used as consultants to be used in a simple, autonomous way, with an intuitive web interface
  • The entry cost of a diagnosis decreases from more than 1000 € (with a consultant) to less than 100 € (with Wevalgo)
* we started with good practice models and we plan to add other methodologies
Choose a packaged evaluation

You already have your consultants?

They can use Wevalgo's packaged evaluation methods within their own services

They will then be even more efficient for your benefit

Use transparent complementary consulting services

Obviously, you may need additional services to standalone packaged methods

We are expert consultants in operational performance diagnostics and we offer a wide range of services up to fully customized

Above all, we offer the most transparent and packaged services possible, starting with expertise related to the good practice models used in autonomous mode.

You choose your services in complete freedom, with your constraints, not those of the consultant; our business model, our methodologies, our networking allows us to be very flexible, we do not need to optimize the 'staffing rate' of our consultants

Perform a diagnosis to prepare a project for implementation or not

We are dedicated to performance diagnosis, we do not try to 'sell' the implementation phase

  • For many consultants, the diagnostic is an entry point to carry out longer missions of implementation of solutions
  • Some may eventually 'push' for implementation more than necessary
  • We are agnostic at the implementation, our methodologies are optimized to deliver the most factual diagnostic possible, without hidden cost

When you choose it, we use the diagnostic phase as preparation for implementation

  • We have a very strong experience of diagnostics carried out in order to prepare a phase of implementation in environments that can be very complex (multicultural, international, headquarters vs. subsidiaries ...)
  • We then include change management techniques, in a completely transparent way with you to facilitate the appropriation of the diagnosis and the implementation project by all your 'stakeholders'

We work closely with expert consultants in implementation

  • They are specialists in defining solutions, implementing them and managing change.
  • We offer you the ones that are best for you
  • You validate them or take those of your choice
  • We are used to working together, from the diagnostic phase if needed

Learn and share best practices from the first moment

Our models contain the best practices observed during our projects around the world

You have access to these practices as soon as you purchase one of our Operational Excellence models

Self-evaluation of your practices in relation to our models force you to think ... and facilitate learning

Chaque personne de votre organisation impliquée dans l'évaluation apprendra

The improvement of your organization will already begin

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