Wevalgo, expert of the online characterization questionnaire

Only questionnaires allowing the evaluation of the operational practices of companies

Significant benefits compared to traditional questionnaires

Why use Wevalgo online questionnaires

These are characterization questionnaires, the only ones capable of truly evaluating the managerial and operational practices of companies.

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They save you time, money, and exceptional quality.

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They are very different from traditional online questionnaires, even if at first glance they look similar.

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Use cases


  • Scoping of the areas to be improved
  • Alignment level of managers
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses


  • Detailed analysis of an area
  • Quantitative and qualitative evaluation
  • Comparisons of results - Internal or Benchmarks

Standard of Excellence

  • Internal standards of best practices
  • External standards / Wevalgo Benchmark
  • Measurement of deviations from the standard

Maturity levels

  • Quick and easy evaluation of practices
  • Prescriptive description of each level by area
  • Visualization on a maturity matrix

Monitoring Progress

  • Measures of the best practices usage
  • Successive and comparable measurements over time
  • Comparison of progress by area or team

360° évaluations

  • Individual assessment of selected employees
  • Evaluation by managers, colleagues and collaborators
  • Results per person and consolidated

Multiples évaluations

  • Each participant can make several evaluations
  • Enables the evaluation of 'subjects' that are not predefined a priori
  • For example, evaluation of all of the organisation's projects.

Internal survey

  • Employee Survey
  • Control of participants while maintaining anonymity
  • Access to history and comparison of responses

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