What are the advantages of Wevalgo online solutions?

The power of modern tools for your efficiency

Deliver more value and faster

Less effort for you and your organisation contributors

Numerical measurements and multi-criteria analyses on a representative sample

Numerical measurements and multi-criteria analysis

Practices are evaluated by standardized scores, with several levels of analysis and detail

This is essential to truly evaluate, compare, analyze and measure progress

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A representative sample

The Wevalgo web tool administers the questionnaires, consolidates responses and produces graphical analyses automatically

This makes it possible to carry out assessments with a larger number of people without additional effort, especially with people without individual interviews, which is less necessary

Comparable and benchmarkable results, periodic evaluation of progress

Comparison between evaluations

The results of each organisation or part of an organisation can be compared with each other

Whenever the evaluation was carried out (even years later)

Private and public benchmarks

Your private benchmark database is built up over the course of the evaluations

You can then statistically compare each assessment with all the others

By using a questionnaire from the Wevalgo catalog, you also have a public database of (anonymous) results

Periodic evaluation of progress

Successive results of the same team, entity or organisation can be compared with each other

This makes it possible to measure everyone's progress

Saves 90% of time by eliminating low-value tasks

You can focus more on your expertise and added value



  • Accelerated search for the right questionnaire: centralized, up to date, search engine
  • Quick customisation: pre-designed introduction, analysis axes by drop-down menu
  • Automatic participant invitations

    Automatic monitoring of the progress of the responses reducing the consultation of his emails to check if the answers are sent

    Analysis consolidation and preparation

  • Automatic, real-time consolidation of responses
  • Automatic result reports with standard analyses and according to your customised axes
  • Professional customisable, resizable graphics ready to be copied and pasted


  • Reduced interview time through online pre-answering
  • Reduced need to see all participants in an interview: the web interface and well-documented questions allow for good quality answers without the need for an interview, which is often mostly devoted to 'just asking' questions and clarifying them to the participant
  • Reduced travel time by reducing the number of 'required' interviews with participants

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