Characterization questionnaire

It is the fundamental tool for evaluating and measuring an organisation's operational practices.

It allows you to prioritize and visually map the levers for improvement.

It is the basis of the Wevalgo questionnaires

What is a characterization questionnaire?

    A characterization questionnaire is used to evaluate operational practices of an organisation. It contains one or more characterization questions for each practice that:

  • Characterize the way in which the practice is carried out
  • Give a numerical evaluation for each one in relation to an ideal way of carrying it out. Depending on the case, this ideal may be highly standardized and objective or may be more subjective (e.g., never, sometimes, always).

  • Each of these numerical assessments is consolidated to provide an overall score and scores by practice group.

    It may also contain open-ended questions to complete the characterization by capturing details or contextual information.

    It is generally filled in by a few key people in the organisation (managers, operational staff, support staff, etc.) using the practices concerned. It is sometimes completed by an expert in the subject (internal or external)..

    It can be extremely simple with 4-5 questions, as it can be a very complete framework with more than 200 questions..

Characterization questionnaire

What results does it achieve?

    Well designed and used, it is a powerful tool for any organisation's improvement manager or external consultant helping his client's organisation to improve

    In an approach of identification of the priority levers of improvement and their implementation, it allows in particular to :

  • precisely identify these levers (through characterization)
  • prioritize within each practice, between practices and between groups of practices (numerical assessments)
  • facilitate the appropriation of the recommendations by the staff (involvement of several representative persons and structured visual aspect).
  • compare results between several teams or organisations.
  • reproduce the evaluation periodically to measure progress.

Use the Wevalgo ready-to-use questionnaires or your own

Wevalgo Questionnaires

All ready-to-use questionnaires in the Wevalgo online catalog are characterization questionnaires.

You benefit from the experience of the expert consultants who designed them

Build your own

Build your own thanks to our characterization questionnaire creation module

You will be able to benefit from all the advantages of administering your questionnaire through our platform

Enter yours

If you already have existing questionnaires, you can enter them on our platform thanks to this module

It is extremely flexible and can be adapted to almost any kind of questionnaire

What is the difference with other methods?

What is the difference with 'traditional' interviews or questionnaires?

In any improvement approach, especially in the diagnostic phase, a number of interviews take place, some with a list of prepared questions, which may seem like a characterization questionnaire..

However, it is often more or less structured. With more or less precise questions, even formulated in typographical mode. Or without systematic numerical evaluation.

Finally, this does not offer the same advantages as a characterization questionnaire.

Does it replace other analytical methods?

Many other methods of analysis, including questioning, can be used in an improvement process: 5 whys, root cause analysis workshops, data analysis, observations, process mapping....

Each has its own objectives and merits and the characterization questionnaire is not intended to replace them. It is a complementary tool.

However, as its name indicates, it is the one that will best characterise the levers for improvement and visualise the differences between several organisations or practices and at several levels of detail.

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