Wevalgo questionnaires have a hierarchical pyramid structure by default.
  • questions, belonging to
  • subcategories belonging to
  • of the categories belonging to
  • a total
It is advisable to fill in the categories, sub-categories and questions. In addition to simply classifying the questions, this allows you to build reports of results on these four levels and to have a microscopic and macroscopic view.
You can nevertheless omit to fill in the sub-categories and categories (blank field), in order to have a 2 or 3 levels organization (at least there are the questions and the total). When not filled in, these levels will not be displayed in the participant's questionnaire or in the results.

You can add as many items (questions, categories and sub-categories) and pages as you want by pressing the corresponding buttons, except if limited by your subscription. You can move these elements by 'clicking and dragging' them. You can also move a category (with everything in it) from one page to another.

However, there must be at least one category, one sub-category and one question per page (category and sub-category fields can be empty).

The structure can only be modified when the questionnaire (or module) is not validated. Once used, a questionnaire can no longer be invalidated and therefore the structure of the questions can no longer be modified.
The texts are always modifiable (when you have the rights).

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