This evaluation is a special case of a multidimensional evaluation, with 4 dimensions:
  • The number of answer choices is set to 4
  • Each question of the questionnaire must have four answer choices. The answer choice 1 represents the quadrant 1 (top right), the choice 2 the quadrant 2 (bottom right)...

Each answer choice is 'scored' with an allocation of a fixed number of points. The sum of each answer choice score is equal to this fixed number.

In addition to the standard 'multidimensional evaluation', there is a spefic result report in which the scores are displayed in 2x2 matrix;  each axis and each of the 'quadrant' has a custom name.

Evaluation calculation

Evaluation final score will be calculated with following criteria:

  • quadrant 1 is the best quadrant
  • quadrants 2 and 4 are intermediate
  • quadrant 4 is the lowest


Consolidated final score is the consolidattion of first answers (first quadrant) score. Other answers are only used to identify the criteria reducing the best choice

The final score is positioned in the matrix by adding each answer score in the following way:

  • answer 1 : axis X / Y
  • answer 2 : axis +X / -Y ;answer 2 score is added to the axis 3->1 and substracted from the axis 2->4 score
  • answer 3 : axis -X / -Y ; answer 3 score is substracted from both axis
  • answer 4 : axis -X / +Y ; answer 4 score is added to axis 2->4 and substracted from the axis 3->1

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