How to use our services

Service usage key steps

Service selection:

  • service and options services in the online catalogue
  • validation and order

Activation and customisation

  • activation and assignment to a project to facilitate its follow up
  • customisation: introduction text, analytical dimensions, anonymity and participants invitation...

Service realisation and follow up

  • realisation by Wevalgo consultants or invited participants, guided by Wevalgo plateform
  • services progress status visible in a dashboard

Results view

  • results reports available and archived on Wevalgo platform
  • visible by the service user and all authorised participant

Services project management

A project management module enables an organised management of several services.

Each service is assigned to a project, itself attached to an organisation, enabling the management of several projects, in different entities of the same organisation or in several organisations (in particular for external consultants ).

  • Project management:
    • project creation, modification or suppression,
    • project feature edition: name, description, participants...
    • service assignment to a project.
  • Organisation management:
    • organisation creation, modification or suppression,
    • organisation feature edition: name, description
    • project assignment to an organisation

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