Measurable Operational Performance

Diagnose and measure the performance of organizational and managerial practices with our unique web-based solutions

90% time saved, exceptional quality, ready-to-use evaluations

The Wevalgo difference

Specifically adapted web tools

The measurement of managerial and organizational practices requires specific tools to fulfill continuous or transformational improvement management needs

Content thanks to our business experts

Hundreds of years of cumulative experience in operational performance improvement to offer you ready-to-use evaluations or help you do yours.

To save you time and quality

Your low value-added diagnostic tasks are eliminated
Results are benchmarkable and comparable to formalized standards for periodic evaluation of progress
Your analysis interviews are enriched by the data; your added value is stronger
Performance level measures are quantified, standardized and representative
More reproducibility and new uses thanks to high-performance tools, low effort and cost
We offer you standardized methods and 'best practices' thanks to our business experts

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Use our best practice standards or your own questionnaires

Measure practices with our ready-to-use standards
  • Worldwide best practices actually observed in organisations
  • Ready-to-use in our catalogue
  • Mesurables et benchmarkables

You have your own questionnaires? Save 90% productivity by using them on our site
  • Simplification of questionnaire administration
  • Automatic results, analysis, graphs and benchmark database
  • Save 90% of your time

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