Measurable Operational Performance

We offer unique solutions for diagnosing and measuring the performance of managerial and operational practices.

From best practice assessment models to customised diagnosis

The know-how of world class management consulting firms made accessible to everyone

An evaluation with Wevalgo is radically different

Typical diagnosis Diagnosis powered by Wevalgo
Normative measurements and multi-criteria analyses on a large sample, complementing the qualitative
Comparable and benchmarkable results, formalized benchmarks for periodic assessment of progress
Standardised methods, consolidated by the experience of multiple consultants
Structured analysis interviews, enriched by prior analysis
Tools and methods that are open, transparent, accessible to all, visible online
Low value-added tasks virtually eliminated through automation
Reproducibility and new uses thanks to high-performance tools, low effort and low costs
Many 'qualitative', few quantitative measures, limited sample size
Few bases for comparison, benchmarks, reproducibility and modelling to monitor progress
Variable quality depending on the person involved (internal or external), few standards
More or less formal 'listening' analysis interviews carried out 'by experience'
Proprietary and non-transparent tools and methods that can only be used by experts
Lost time on information gathering and consolidation activities, calculations and formatting
Use limited by cost, effort and lack of tools

From measurable best practices standards to custom private questionnaires

Evaluate yourself with our best practice standards
  • Worldwide best practices actually observed in organisations
  • Ready-to-use in our catalogue
  • Mesurables et benchmarkables

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  • Simplification of questionnaire administration
  • Automatic results, analysis, graphs and benchmark database
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You are a consultant

You are a consultant

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Customised diagnostics and best practice models
  • Diagnosis of your operational and managerial practices
  • Analysis of economic and operational data, identification of business cases
  • Development of measurable good practice models or evaluation questionnaires

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